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A Helpful Menu to Follow 1800 Calorie Diet 

Losing weight is itself a big challenge and when it comes to maintain your weight, it seems even harder as people get quite fed up with by following the same and restricted routine for months and years, but it is necessary. 

In this regard, 1800 calorie diet could be considered a normal diet for a woman who makes a day with moderate level of physical activity or for a man who wants to lose a couple of pounds for more physical activity. Anyway, the menu for 1800 calorie diets falls within a normal diet.

The menu for 1800 calorie diets is a full menu, in which we find all the nutritional principles, so it can help you lose weight it can also work as a maintenance diet to keep your idea weight. Let’s see what a day on 1800 calorie diet has to offer you.



•    1 cup of tea with skimmed milk 
•    2 slices of whole grain bread 
•    2 teaspoons of spreadable cheese 
•    1 cup of fruit salad 


•    1 yogurt with low fat 


•    1 medium pasta dish with cooked vegetables
•    2 small whole wheat toast 
•    1 baked fruit

Mid-afternoon Snack (Option 1)

•    1 cup infusion with skimmed milk 
•    1 serving of fruit jelly 

Mid-afternoon Snack (Option 2)

•    15 grapes
•    1 serving of cheese



•    1 medium serving of meat (chicken, fish, lamb or beef) 
•    1 medium portion of carrot salad, tomato and arugula 
•    2 small whole wheat toast 
•    1 cup of strawberries 

This diet of 1800 calories has a menu which can be exchanged as per your tastes, and habits. For example, you can consider the following foods to manage the other days of the week.


You can swap with chicken, fish, beef, lamb, lentils and egg.


You can eat all the vegetables you like in cooked and raw form.


You can eat any fruit, but beware with the ones which are small such as strawberries, grapes, cherries. The best way to restrict yourself is to take only 1 cup. 


You can swap with skim milk, nonfat yogurt and low-fat cheese.


You can exchange among rice, pasta, flour, whole grains etc. You can also eat potatoes can occasionally.

You must follow the healthy ways to cook your foods as light and tasty using minimal oil. The goal of this diet menu and foods is that you do your own menu for 1800 calorie diet by alternating different foods and make your own meal plans. 



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